Peru Pilgrimage 2015 


JULY 3 - 17, 2015


"Mother Earth" by Jenness Cortes

The Universal Divine Mother lives within the heart and soul of every woman and man. She is the feminine force of unconditional love, beauty and compassion that nurtures all creation.

A  Joyful Life Changing Experience Guided by  

Sun’s  Messenger of  the Incas,  Andean Mystery School Initiate  

Willaru Huayta and  Charo

 A Spiritual Journey to Open the Heart, Heal the Soul, and Realign with  the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, within You

Join us for a  transformational  journey  to  enchanted  Peru, the  planetary heart center. DISCOVER the sacred sites of Saqsayhuaman,  Kenko, Tambomachay and  HEAL your  body, mind  and Spirit  as each  site  vibrates in different musical  notes.  RE-AWAKEN your Spirit within  the  frequencies  of  Ancient  Mystery Schools  in the Sacred  Valley of  the  Inkas.  EXPLORE  Ollantaytambo, the Lemurian Heart Center where precise celestial  alignments  are  exhibited,  and  the  Dimensional  Circles of  Moray.  ASCEND to Pisac where  a  Sun  Temple  cradles  a meteor  from  Maldek.  OPEN  YOUR  HEART  to the  beauty  of  the Inka  culture at   Pisac Indian Market.  ANCHOR  PEACE  in your  heart  in Machu Picchu.  RENEW   yourself  with  a hot  bath in magical  Aguas Calientes.  AWAKEN your sacred heart center at Lake Titicaca.  VISIT with the  Uros Indians  at their homes  on floating  man-made reed islands and  Taquile Island,  Oral and Intangible  Heritage of  Humanity.  EXPERIENCE the  energies at the  inter-dimensional  portal of Aramu Muru’s Doorway.

 "We  must  return to  the ways  of  nature  and  recognize  that   we  are  a  part  of  the Sun,  Moon,   Earth,  Water,  and  Air.   Mother  Nature is   within  us  and    we   within her.  Each of  our  lives  are  divine   temples  of  Mother  Nature  and  Father Creator." ~ Willaru 


Incan folklore and Aramayan leyends speak of an ancient forgotten time in which Pachamama decided to cover herself in water in order to purify her body. The entire body of  Mother Earth was covered with devastated tsunamis and floods. All of the known regions of Earth were covered in darkness, and icy winds blew for countless ages. Most of mankind was erased from the land of OG.

In time Pachamama felt clean and allowed the purifying waters to recede. The remaining waters of purification remained cupped in a high sacred part of the Earth... and formed a Holy Lake. From here, Creator God, Wiracocha arose from the depths of the sanctified waters of Lake Titicaca. Journeying to the Islands of the Sun (Sol), Moon (Luna) and Amantani, Wiracocha commanded the Sun (Inti), the Moon (Mama-Killa) and the stars to rise. Next going to the Island of Tiahuanaco, he fashioned new men and women out of stones and sending them to the four quarters, began the repopulation of the world. Titicaca became, and  has remained to this day the sacred purification cradle of man, and the gateway of the Gods.